Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Creativity Is All Around

I got all jazzed up about doing something creative everyday and blogging about it and I haven't really held to that.  Like many things, I get all excited and then it sort of fizzles.  Today I was thinking about this and realized that my creativity is not necessarily tied to making some amazing project, but my creativity comes in many forms, from the dinner I prepare to clothes I pick out, every part of my day involves some creative inspiration.

So, my new goal is to find the creativity in the everyday... although I will be pumping out some pretty amazing projects over the next few weeks.  I have the great honor of giving a baby shower(with my mother in law and my almost sister in law, Shelby) for my sister-in-law, Jessica and baby Anniston at the end of this month.  I have lots of things planned, but here is the first project:  Tissue paper flowers/pom poms:

I am planning on doing these in pink and purple to decorate the tables/ceiling and anywhere else that needs a pop of color!  I think it will be just great!


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